Generic Drugs

Frontier is developing affordable generic drug products in the pediatric, men’s health, and women’s health areas. Its generic-drug portfolio consists of numerous product targets across a wide range of therapeutic areas that are the therapeutic equivalent of their brand-name counterparts.

Autoimmune, neurodegenerative, oncology, chronic pain, and infectious disease are examples of the therapeutic areas in which Frontier will provide generic options to patients. Although some targeted opportunities represent significant barriers to entry, Frontier’s professionals have a proven track record that will enable them to handle the technical and regulatory challenges that generic entry presents.

Currently, Frontier is focused on commercializing generic medicines for the treatment of ophthalmic and otic indications, including antibacterials. Frontier is also targeting generic drugs for the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

In addition, the Frontier Animal Health™ division of Frontier will deliver affordable animal drugs to consumers.  Frontier Animal Health™ is particularly focused on providing generic alternatives to branded drugs for companion animals such as dogs and cats.  Antibacterial, antihelmintic, and antiparasitic therapeutics will provide consumers with cheaper alternatives to their more expensive branded counterparts.